Making the Grade

DAY 196 / 1337 MILES Our namesake, -Valle de Aosta- I had heard, (and always accepted because it sounded plausible), meant “Valle(y) of Beauty”. Expending about as much energy as it takes to blink, I “researched” and found that Aoste actually means Rome of the Alps. It would follow then that our South Georgia version of -Valle de Aoste- would translate to -Atlanta of the Pineywood Flatlands-. I’m still working out whether thats a compliment or criticism. (I’m sorry I looked it up now). But since I’m well beyond the half way point of (possibly) accomplishing something no other Valdostan… Continue reading

One Man’s Trash

DAY 192 / MILE 1308 I’ve now completed walking the named subdivisions lying outside the Dosta ramparts, that are reflected on my 55 inch map of the town . While there are┬ámore named subdivisions out in Lowndes county, my friends at PRINT LIFE (who made the map) made me aware that in order to produce one large enough for me to trace every named subdivision, and every community in the county too, would require a wall map, the notion to which my hen put her three toed foot down (or is it four). So, as to the other subdivisions not… Continue reading

The Pie Hole Matrix

DAY 185 / 1260 MILES This week I stumbled past another milestone, a small one, but gratifying in equal measure. I finished walking all the spokes to the hub…meaning I completed walking the state highways and county roads that connect each of the 11 outlying communities to the county seat. One of the bio-data measures kept by the two apps I track my walks on (but rarely pay any attention to) is the recorded number of steps I’ve taken during each day’s walk. When starting this pilgrimage last year it seemed logical that, cumulatively, I’d probably burn a big bowl… Continue reading

So Many Questions Grasshopper

DAY 180 / 1118 MILES I was at a dentist appointment the other day and when the Walk Around Lowndes topic came up, Dr. Robinson asked what I had learned? I mumbled a meaningless filling, having not formed any pearls of wisdom at this incomplete stage of the journey. (More painful than the drill was that I thought my bumbled response confirmed my father’s oft repeated opinion that I really was an ignoramus). But I’m glad the question was asked, as the scope of the exploration does indeed warrant comment on impressions and lessons learned. What I learn won’t likely… Continue reading