I am a pilgram, and a stranger.

Day 171 / 1054 Miles “I am a pilgrim, and a stranger   Traveling through this wearisome land.   I’ve got a home in that yonder city, lord   And it’s not made, not made by hand.” Some followers may recognize this 1943 hymn by Merle Travis that I thought fitting for this week’s musing. Until a relative and mentor (Phil Kuhn) suggested it, I’d never really believed my daily ploddings to be spiritual but just maybe, perhaps, they are. Unlike an excursion by car or plane, where we’re mere passengers, or taking a walk as a means to an… Continue reading

Even the gods need rest

DAY 168 / 1033 MILES This week, I hit another milestone by passing the 1000 mile mark. That means I could’ve walked to New York City, Toronto Canada, San Antonio Texas…and lots of destinations in between. When I think of the gas savings, it fills my tank with happiness for the accomplishment. But then I remember, the only way to get back home is for Jerome & Eddie to take me there, which lets some elation out of that tire. Although if I had to walk back I’m sure I’d find a circuitous route home to make the journey interesting. It’s… Continue reading

Halt! Who goes there?

DAY 161 / 985 MILES I never, ever, would’ve thought simply walking on public streets as a subversive act. But, the Walk Around Lowndes project has whispered “au contraire” in my ear. I’d read in some of my high falootin books on walking, about the notion that aimless traipsing can trigger high alarm and suspicion from the good citizens. I didn’t believe the books but now, I’m on my knees brother. Mistakenly, I assumed that kind of reaction was more common centuries ago when the high road was a highly dangerous place where dangerous people lurked. Usually I stroll past people,… Continue reading

A walk in the Golden State

08/10/23 Day 155 / 938 Miles “LA’s fine but it ain’t mine”. Neil Diamond’s words are true when comparing LA County to Lowndes. The City of Angels might connote well behaved citizens (all beautiful of course) walking streets of gold…Welll, not exactly. It certainly has its share of devilish acts perpetrated on a backdrop of urban grit. But one thing it does have that we don’t is a climate that produces a bounty of flora thats unseen in our quadrant. It’s everywhere. “She’s like a Rainbow”. We in the Southeast, tend to mostly just get weeds that volunteer to grow… Continue reading