My Journey

I’m glad you’re beside me (if not on foot, then in spirit). So, before I begin the completion of my walking quest, a word is in order about just what led me to do this thing. Any kindred spirit who’s embarked on a quest didn’t arrive there a la’ Forrest Gump style. For me, the pilot light was lit years ago by an uncle, Phil Kuhn, who had decided to test his discipline to run every day for a complete year. He did it! …and kept on running for two more years in an unbroken streak. I was bitten by the romanticism of such a personal challenge and set out to replicate Phil’s accomplishment. And, I did it too; Three years of unbroken running, which I learned was an accomplishment of discipline rather than a physical one. It was enormously gratifying, in fact it changed my life from a restive one to one of physicality. After the running streak, the notions of various quest options rattled around in my head until I ultimately decided I would walk the entire Appalachian Trail from Mount Katahdin in Maine to Springer mountain in Georgia. I read two books on the topic and researched the process (btw, if you haven’t read Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, its a must). In the intervening years, I experienced a catastrophic orthopedic injury and it, combined with three additional decades, put the kibosh on plans for a casual 2,175 mile stroll on rocky terrain carrying a pack. I surreptitiously was introduced to “a new way of walkin” by my daughter Morgan, who gave me a copy of Geoff Nicholson’s The Lost Art of Walking. I read it twice, and again, my life was changed. I began walking in my familiar environs which soon led to a desire for a wider exploration of the county and town I grew up in, which I really don’t know up close. Nicholson writes “Your own exploration therefore has to be personalized, you’re doing it for yourself, increasing your own store of particular knowledge, walking your own eccentric version of the city.” The challenge had been made and, like The Wizard of Oz, “Times being what they were, I accepted the job.” The consolation prize of a lesser, but equally gratifying, challenge had presented itself in lieu of the Appalachian Trail. And so, It’s off to see the city, the wonderful city of Dosta. I’d love to have you along on or following Walk Around Lowndes on Facebook and Instagram
Lets go for a walk