Whats In A Name

Dateline: 05/13/24 Day 305 / Miles -to-date: 2083 / 107 miles to match length of the Appalachian Trail   I completed walking the I-75 stretch from Cook to Madison Counties and hope never to do it again, (unless forced by a flat tire). My friend, Ty-2 D-Rone, tried unsuccessfully to argue that in order to make the claim of having walked “all roads”, I would now have to walk both the north and southbound lanes of the Interstate. I remarked that  his words had a distinct bovine fragrance; I would NOT be doing that. As mentioned, my target mileage is to match that… Continue reading

In the eye of the beholder.

Date log – 04/30/21. Day 299 2053 miles completed to date. 131 additional miles to match that of the Appalachian Trail.   I’ve finished exploring the rural Collector roads and arteries (State Hwys.) within the county. And now, like a root canal, am looking forward to completing the I-75 leg from the Cook County line to US Hwy 84. As mentioned in a prior post, when completing that super-slab from Hwy. 84 down to the Florida line (to borrow a line from George Gershwin) I learnt it was “Summer time, and the walking’ ain’t easy.” The outer margins of the… Continue reading

Cat Creek Fever

04/18/24 Day 290, Last of the Eastern frontier, 1999 miles to date. This past week I took a couple of days off trail and traveled to The Fox to hear the comedic writer David Sedaris deliver his brand of hilarity. (btw, if you’ve never heard his telling of the brief stint he spent employed as a Christmas elf at Macy’s, in an essay called -The Santa Land Diaries-, you’ve missed one of those laughs that leaves you wanting the after “workout” cigarette). It turns out this well known writer and I are kindred spirits, in that we share a passion;… Continue reading

The Gods are agin’me.

04/08/24      Day 283. Bataan Death March commemorative walk, from the LCSO firing range -to & back- from Cypress Lakes Subdivision, X3 – 27.2 miles.Total – 1954 miles to date.      We’ve all heard the axiom, “Once is a fluke, Twice is a coincidence, but Three times and it’s WTF’s goin’ on?” And so, conditions surrounding yesterday’s adventure confirmed that the Gods are, indeed, agin’me. I’ll splain.      This week, I veered far off course by straying back into the south end of the County to settle an old score. Way back when I was an avid… Continue reading