Well, I’m Back in the Saddle Again

11/16/23 / Day 225 / Mile 1533 To be more accurate, I’m Back in the HOKA’s again. After a short sabbatical to mend a fence, (which I never did) I decided to stop the lollygagging and get back out there. As dad used to say, “Those roads aren’t gonna walk themselves ya know”. (He never said that). To be more accurate, it was the Wif who twisted my ear and sent me back out on the trail. (I get the feeling she doesn’t like my retirement as much as I do). Welp, it feels good to be upright and singing… Continue reading


Day 218 / 1492 Miles Today I reached another waypoint in my journey (one even Christopher Columbus would take note of) which is that, save for one ellipsoid portion in the heart of the city, I will have completed walking all (and more than) I had initially set out to do. As mentioned, this quest was/is a consolation adventure to take the place of my life held desire to walk from Katahdin Maine -to- Springer Georgia on the Appalachian Trail. As you can see, I’ve fallen waaay short of matching that ~2200 mile trek. Therefore, I’ve selected a dozen rural… Continue reading

A Squirrel’s Tale

Day 209 / 1428 Miles When walking, I try to stay heads up to take in everything the day’s path has to display. But, not keeping track of the ground before your feet can result in your own cann on the pavement, and with no one else to blame. (There’s a reason they call it ass-fault). Looking down too, can result in spotting curiosities that sometimes are more engrossing than what’s on the horizon. I’ve not found that Krugerrand I’d so hoped for, but hope flows; the journey’s not concluded. In the mean, I’ll be content with the few found… Continue reading

It’s all plaid to me.

DAY 203 / 1381 MILES One question on the list from my post “So Many Questions Grasshopper” concerns, Most interesting vs. Most boring. Specifically, where is a walker most likely to encounter the unexpected just around the next curve? Although I haven’t arrived at the station yet, I now realize the answer is clear. Having walked nearly all our rural environs, industrial zones, institutional campi, and areas of commerce, I’m in the habitat’s heart now. What’s left to walk is almost exclusively residential. Within the city’s living quarters, there are 8 zone classifications which dictate the density of dwellers permitted… Continue reading