A little learning’ll do ya good.

Dateline: 05/31/24 2195 miles to date. My quest is at end. I HAVE ARRIVED! A statistical pre-note: The 2195 miles were walked over 322 days, averaging 6.81 miles per walk, which was spread out over the course of 18 months. A pretty cushy quest by any measure. btw I was never able to get a sponsor […]

Headed for the barn.

Dateline: 05/19/24 2,117 Miles Walked To Date.   I completed 2/3rds of the urban roads within that ellipsis between Patterson & Ashley Streets. I’m saving the last lower wedge on the southern end for the final walk. I’ll finish at the old court house, on the morning of May 31st. I envision a Rockyesque kind […]

Whats In A Name

Dateline: 05/13/24 Day 305 / Miles -to-date: 2083 / 107 miles to match length of the Appalachian Trail   I completed walking the I-75 stretch from Cook to Madison Counties and hope never to do it again, (unless forced by a flat tire). My friend, Ty-2 D-Rone, tried unsuccessfully to argue that in order to make […]

In the eye of the beholder.

Date log – 04/30/21. Day 299 2053 miles completed to date. 131 additional miles to match that of the Appalachian Trail.   I’ve finished exploring the rural Collector roads and arteries (State Hwys.) within the county. And now, like a root canal, am looking forward to completing the I-75 leg from the Cook County line […]

Cat Creek Fever

04/18/24 Day 290, Last of the Eastern frontier, 1999 miles to date. This past week I took a couple of days off trail and traveled to The Fox to hear the comedic writer David Sedaris deliver his brand of hilarity. (btw, if you’ve never heard his telling of the brief stint he spent employed as […]

The Gods are agin’me.

04/08/24      Day 283. Bataan Death March commemorative walk, from the LCSO firing range -to & back- from Cypress Lakes Subdivision, X3 – 27.2 miles.Total – 1954 miles to date.      We’ve all heard the axiom, “Once is a fluke, Twice is a coincidence, but Three times and it’s WTF’s goin’ on?” And […]

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

04/01/24 – Day 280 – Mile 1901 All’s quiet on the Eastern front (of Lowndes). It’s also flat and bristling with pines. Having completed walking that side of our parish, I now turn toward the north. I’ll start by exploring the length of Radar Site Rd at Moody Air Force Base….which brings me to the […]

DON’T FORGET TO WRITE HOME Day 272 / 1874 miles. I’ve been AWOL for the recent weeks, eschewing my writing for an attempt at video posts from the outposts. I attempted the change cause Kin Folk said “Jed, move away from there. Said video Reels is the place ya aughtta be. So I loaded up […]

A river runs through it.

01/13/24 – DAY 235 – MILE 1609 Today, I finished the northern East -to- West leg across the top of the county, crossing over the Withlacoochee and Little Rivers in the process. Peters, Cat, Beatty Mill, Franks, and Meeting House Branch Creeks were traversed as well. Tomorrow I’ll head South to the Withlacoochee River again […]

Life is a Highway

1/09/24 – Day 232 – 1587 miles I’ve missed you. I took the month of December off (Hey! Its Christmas dammit! Cut me some slack will ya). Actually, it feels good to be plodding the byways again, or to paraphrase Van Morrison “Hark now hear the walker’s cryWalk the street and feel the skyLet my […]