In the eye of the beholder.

Date log – 04/30/21. Day 299

2053 miles completed to date. 131 additional miles to match that of the Appalachian Trail.


I’ve finished exploring the rural Collector roads and arteries (State Hwys.) within the county. And now, like a root canal, am looking forward to completing the I-75 leg from the Cook County line to US Hwy 84. As mentioned in a prior post, when completing that super-slab from Hwy. 84 down to the Florida line (to borrow a line from George Gershwin) I learnt it was “Summer time, and the walking’ ain’t easy.” The outer margins of the right-of-ways aren’t made for walking’, meaning the terrain’s  made uneven with tail ditches, deep heavy equipment tracks, and the like, all hidden by wire grass which makes achieving an even cadence to your stride damn near impossible. And did I mention the noise? Its enough to turn a mild mannered man a touch Grinchy. The noise, NoIsE, NOISE NOISE!!!

AnyWho, ‘t must be done to make true my claim.

The title of this week’s post refers to my own temerity of declaring myself chief judge in charge (CJIC) of a beauty contest… of sorts. Specifically, what’s the most alluring curve of this contestant named Miss. Lowndes. That is, what region of the county do I think most beautiful? I realize this is dangerous water to tread since there’s thousands of residents with their own entrant and they all believe there’s the fairest fiddlers green of all.  For me to cast a critical eye upon the nether regions of their domain and then look over her, to that one yonder, just naturally draws ire. It’s only my opinion, which is subject to a CJIC’s preference to Blonds, Ravens, Brunettes, or Gingers. Some are smitten by sandy loam soils resplendent with long leaf pine, while others are Svengalied by the look of iconic red clay (the redder the better) and stately live oaks. Looking at naked land without the attentive grooming seen on a gentleman’s farm doesn’t elicit that certain stirring as when when beholding whats revealed by a land owner’s TLC. I’d liken it to looking at a shapely model wearing only a straight burlap sack. As soon as the waist string is drawn, it transforms burlap and the contours beneath to something exotic, alluring. There’s a subjective influence, thats undeniable and inescapable, brought to bear by the homes within a region (which is dog whistle for how well heeled are its inhabitants) but more importantly how well trimmed is the coif. So, I decided to allow all contestant regions a drawstring and have judged accordingly.  The region I’ve awarded the crown is in North Lowndes around the collector roads, (including the local roads), of Franks Creek & North Snake Nation, Shilo, and Miller Bridge roads.  (In full disclosure, I do live near but not within those boundaries, which may evoke a deserved cry of foul). My visceral appreciation is of the gentle rolling contours and matching curves of the roads in this region, with land thats managed, but not to a hyper degree. The only thing denying a 10 on my score card would’ve been one of our claret colored tannin serpents slithering silently through it. But, Franks Creek will do just fine.

I’d love to hear from any readers as to why they think I’ve missed the mark by a long mile and (au contraire) just what IS the fairest Province in the Valley d’Aoste.


Quote of the week:

Lisa Dempster     –     Neon Pilgrim

*Lisa Dempster spent 8 weeks walking Japan’s 88 Buddhist temple pilgrimage along the mountains of the Isle of Shikoku, know as the henro michi. Upon completing the pilgrimage she had a revelation.

“I had planned to spend the day exploring Mount Koya, indulging in quiet reflection about my journey. But, as I walked away, it struck me that the henro michi doesn’t really have a start or end any more than any spiritual journey starts or ends; it’s about the whole journey – past, present, and future”.


Lets go for a walk.