Day 272 / 1874 miles.

I’ve been AWOL for the recent weeks, eschewing my writing for an attempt at video posts from the outposts. I attempted the change cause Kin Folk said “Jed, move away from there. Said video Reels is the place ya aughtta be. So I loaded up m’words and moved to movieeees”. Actually, making reels of my walking tracks is far more complicated than posting a Tic-Tok. Who knew? Theres Google Earth plug-Ins, GPS and software compatibility, and copyright issues to list just a few of the challenges. So, I decided to draft shorter updates of where in the world I’m wandering, in addition to the Reels. Thanks to the good arachnids at SpyderServe for bringing the enhancement to life.

My walk has expanded a scosche to include the Lowndes Interstate, Arteries (State Highways), and Collector roads out to the boundaries of the county. I’m currently exploring the extreme eastern margins (I’ll call it the Azkaban of the county). These nary seen regions have been, lets say stimulating, to be sure. One noteworthy moment this week was an encounter out in the boonies. Specifically, while walking a dirt road (Delmar), it stretched on for as far as the eye could see. In hours of walking, I hadn’t seen a soul on this seldom traveled pass, when I looked up and there, about 150 feet ahead, stood a man who hadn’t been there just a moment before. There he wasn’t – There he was. He just stood there not speaking, looking at me as I approached. I knew he must either be a fellow walker… or a serial killer. My chances seemed 50/50. At 3mph I moved to within speaking distance and offered a good morning and asked “You out for a stroll too?” Turns out he lives some distance from that neck-o-the woods and was just as surprised to see me coming along as I was to see him. It seems he doesn’t see many walkers out on this remote stretch where there’s not a single occupied house. His name is Wesley Blanchard, a friendly fellow as you’d ever want to meet. He walked with me and was good company. Turns out, he was good friends with my late brother Compton and sister in law Glynnis. I realized, It’s a small County after all (…and then couldn’t get that tune outta my head for the rest of the walk). Happy Trails Wesley.
Let’s go for a walk.

Quote of the week: Annabel Streets -52 WAYS TO WALK-

“As Homo sapiens, we evolved over aeons to walk – all day, every day. And yet, as Homo sapiens, we also evolved to conserve energy – to do nothing. Never has it been more difficult to resist the alluring conveinence of our electrified, pixelated age. But resist, we must”.