A word on walking.

Day 12.
Relative to the usual length of my daily strolls, today’s was a long one (10.02 miles). It provided enough time though for a few thoughts to percolate up about this thing I’m doing; about walking for its on sake. When it comes to the act thats outside the bounds of simple utility (like walking to the mailboxx), there’s many kinds of walking with equal number of purposes. Consider hiking, that ranges from the short stroll just to be in the natural, or to fulfill a challenge to make it from the trail head all the way to its terminus. There are many types of pilgrimages customary to many religions in many countries that serve to demonstrate penance or piety. There are marches for justice, conquest, or rememberance. There’s even types of simple walking without going anywhere for hearts sake alone, like that ordered by the doc for your cardio vascular benefit.
I’m engaged in an urban journey thats less for exercise and more for discovery of what’s hidden by haste. My daily walks revealed just what -is- revealed by simply slowing down. I came to realize that travel is not less important than arriving. Suffice it to say, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Forrest Bueller.