Power Through It


Day 135 / Mile 812

I mentioned earlier that if one would just take a walk, whatever ailment du’jour you’re suffering from would usually be diminished by the time you get back. I now realize I failed to underscore/italicize/bold type “usually”. This week I reaffirmed the basic vow to the body which is, when it speaks to us – we must listen. I also learned just how a round of Zythromycin antibiotic and Medrol steroid will bring the ceiling of a heat dome right down on top of your head. The malady, combined with the cure, tend to apply a math formula to the heat index that’s more complex than understanding women.
I used to be slave to the continuity of exercise which is an overreaction to a concrete human tendency (that’s as founded in physics as gravity) to always default to pleasure or gratification NOW and never keep those waiting. This week presented, for me, (it only took 64 years) a whole new paradigg’em that’s as true as any physical law of the universe: Life has rhythm. Expending energy to find its groove is worthy. When indicated, relax. Savor. But the reward of savoring life’s deserts are equally matched by just moving to manufacture rewards that’re equally sweet. The body sends a myriad of reminders to remember the other law that Mick Jagger so soothingly put to music: You Gotta Move.