Even the gods need rest

DAY 168 / 1033 MILES

This week, I hit another milestone by passing the 1000 mile mark. That means I could’ve walked to New York City, Toronto Canada, San Antonio Texas…and lots of destinations in between. When I think of the gas savings, it fills my tank with happiness for the accomplishment. But then I remember, the only way to get back home is for Jerome & Eddie to take me there, which lets some elation out of that tire. Although if I had to walk back I’m sure I’d find a circuitous route home to make the journey interesting. It’s all about elation gained by taking in new detail of unfamiliar territory. Walk with me.

So, it’s time for Hermes to rest the wings on his sandals (which means it’s time to mow the lawn, tend flower beds, make repairs… to do the proverbial laundry of life.